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Geula Hershko, Human Resources Manager at Koren Tech, talks about everything you wanted to know about the company and did not dare to ask – 45 years old, married and mother of 3 wonderful sons, human resources manager at Koren Tech Technologies and holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the Technion. From the Technion. When asked how she got to work, she replies, “Apparently the chemistry for people was stronger than the chemistry of the periodic table.”

On growth and other things

Geula says that she started as a recruitment coordinator at CA and placement companies, in 2002 she joined Koren Projects as a recruitment coordinator and has since grown together with the company that became Koren Tech Technologies.

For the past 6 years, Geula has been managing the human resources of 2 companies in the Koren Group – Koren Tech Technologies and K-TEST.

As the director of MASA Geula, responsible for implementing the principle of “employee experience” in the organization during his work at the company, “employee experience” is an important issue at Koren Tech and means career guidance, personal advice for the employee’s technological development, responsibility for employee satisfaction. And all important information concerning the employee.The process begins from the stage of deciding whether to recruit the employee, job offers to employees, absorption in the company and subsequently, accompanying the employee throughout his work time in the company.

Another part of the job is to provide guidance and advice to managers, construction of feedback tools and employee satisfaction, construction and implementation of procedures and leading cross-organizational processes in the field of quality.

Radiant Tech activity

Koren Tech Technologies has been developing multidisciplinary software systems since 1988 – the company specializes in developing software according to customer needs while adapting development tools to customer needs.

The recruitment department at Koren Tech Technologies recruits consultants in the high-tech fields who work at the various sites of the company and / or at the various companies. The consultants are recruited by a team of coordinators who are professional and skilled in the processes

Strict recruitment with extensive use of social networks and advanced recruitment methods, which ensure a perfect match in a minimum of time according to the customer’s requirements and needs.

When a young spirit meets job security and quality technology

Koren Tech Technologies is a long-standing company with a young spirit. Employees enjoy integrating into challenging and engaging projects using the latest technologies.

The company allows inexperienced engineers to integrate into large and complex projects and gain extensive experience in a relatively short period of time.

Beyond that, the company offers an option of “cool management” and allows the employee to move on to other projects that interest him and advance him technologically.

“My door is always open”

On the human side – Geula believes that the success of the company is related to the emotional involvement of its employees.

We are always attentive to every employee and “my door is always open and the ear is attentive.” It’s not just a password,

A combination of support and day-to-day support from the recruitment, HR, and finance departments along with interesting and challenging work are the key factors in employee satisfaction.

The challenge at work “begins as soon as I enter the office in the morning and ends as soon as I close my eyes and go to sleep. It’s not easy to be a “mother” to employees and to be a mother at home. “

Along with the personal challenge, there is of course also the professional challenge – the maneuver between the company’s business goals, and the working human factor. Conduct that will lead to the best results for the company and at the same time be sensitive to the needs of the employee.

Radiant Tech in the community

The company sees great importance in volunteering and contributing to the community. This understanding led to a collaboration between Koren Tech Technologies and the “Education for Peaks” organization. The association focuses on nurturing children and youth with the potential for excellence who come from the peripheral cities of Israel. We lead the volunteer activities with the Karmiel branch of the association and manage events and fun days and technological enrichment for children of different ages. The company’s goal is to give employees opportunities to take part in various activities and thus contribute together from our knowledge and capabilities as a technology company.

Love above all

On a personal note – first of all, one must enjoy and love what one does and this is true for any role.

Must connect to the values ​​of the company and the people in it. Belief in society and people in my eyes is the key to success and in particular in the role of a human resources manager who works daily with these issues.

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