A Command & Control System

A Command & Control System

As opposed to joining an existing development process, developing a product from scratch is a fascinating process that allows us to fulfill our broad capabilities – from planning and development to quality assurance and testing.

In a collaboration with Eldor, we developed a command & control system from the initial blueprint stages. Eldor, a company that supplies security solutions for military and civilian systems, requested a system that could supply end clients with optimal real-time control and protection of designated areas, while also providing them with the ability to analyze and monitor data delivered via sensors, cameras, VMD systems, satellite systems, GIS and more.


Over the 10 years we were involved in this project, the system matured from a vehicle tracking and monitoring solution to include many additional features. As a desktop system, our professional teams developed its user interface as well as other interfaces that connect to other system components.

The Interface

The Challenge

Everything is connected: The system was ultimately designed to synchronize data from various sources, including cameras, heat and motion sensors, and more. This created an enormous load on the system, which continued to grow over the years as the system was designed for deployment in larger areas.

Adapting to different needs: Over the years, due to the addition of new clients with different needs, we were forced to conduct numerous adjustments, including quick feature development, added support for higher activity volume, and more.  

Continuity is everything: This is an ongoing project, and as such, it continues to provide essential services to many of Eldor’s end clients. As a result, we had to ensure that our development teams could always supply an immediate and immaculate response.

Reinventing the wheel isn’t always necessary: In order to facilitate multi-source data synchronization, we made several key programming changes. We stuck to the existing code, but reorganized it for easier access to bottlenecks that required fixing.

A flexible attitude: Needs are always changing – especially in an ongoing project – and we had to exhibit maximum flexibility and remain attentive to the needs of Eldor and its clients.

Passing the baton: In order to ensure seamless continuity, the development process was conducted as a collaborative effort between our team and the client’s team. We make sure to manage the code in the company’s Git Repository, which allows multiple developers to work simultaneously. This also provides optimal software version management and access to the code history – so we know when and why each system feature was developed. The project was developed with the .Net platform. The server-side was written in C#, and the client-side was written in WPF and MVVM architecture. In addition, we used a Telerik control package that allowed us to organize the user interface in an optimal manner, while showcasing a live map display of the protected area.

The Bottom Line

Our vast experience in command & control system development helps us provide our client with a robust response, from the initiation of the system's development to ongoing optimization over the course of many years.