A Team Training System

A Team Training System

Korentec employs professionals from a wide range of disciplines, who help us provide our clients with solutions that address their needs with maximum precision. This includes projects that incorporate several organizations who join hands to achieve a common goal.
We worked on such a project with several defense industry clients, who wanted to develop a team training system. We were asked to develop a versatile tool that allows soldiers to train on a specific system, while allowing their commanders to integrate specific scenarios, rate soldier performance, control different parameters that create learning and analysis opportunities, and more.
This desktop system connects to a central computer, and operates in real-time.

the Interface

the Challenge

Working in the field: Korentec’s team had to work in the field, together with the clients’ teams, who had access to the central computer. Naturally, working in the field – as opposed to a controlled lab environment – creates a myriad of challenges. First and foremost, it makes all technical integrations more complicated to execute.

Collaborating with several clients: This project was a collaboration between several defense industry organizations. The work process required constant adjustments to different requirements.

Connecting the dots: Our experience in similar projects helped us craft a seamless process for everyone involved. We relied on our expertise to pinpoint definitions that required rethinking, locate requirements that clash with one another, and build bridges that comply with everyone’s needs.
During the R&D stage, which lasted two years, we used an SQL framework, C# and WPF.

The Bottom Line

The system was delivered to the client, and is currently in development stages. But this work process was a testament to our ability to play an integral role in R&D processes that require out-of-the-box thinking.