Korentec Technologies is a SOFTWARE company. The company is a leading
provider of advanced .  software technology development. We specialize in
tailor-made software solutions that fit the specific needs of businesses in the digital

We are experts at understanding the client’s vision and needs,

Helping them accomplish their mission.


Korentec’s expert engineers, provide   flexible and modular solutions, that
can be efficiently and expertly implemented and integrated in the client’s
complex and diverse working environment.
Korentec clients include multinational companies, high-tech & start-up’s,   security
 and defence organisations, healthcare organisations, government agencies
and many more.

Our services

  1. On-Site services delivered by teams of highly experienced, skilled and professional experts
  2. “End to End” software projects
  3. Recruitment – Our recruitment team specializes in finding the very best experts to meet the needs of a complex and rapidly developing technological world and business environment.

Our solutions:

  • Design & AnalysisArchitectural design from initial concept and design to project
  • Software Client & Server Side ַ-Development of computer software in all the latest languages including Python, JAVA, C#, C++,  UַַI & UX-  Design with a range of environments: HTML5, Angular, CSS, WPF.
  • Web Development We specialize in delivering software solutions in JAVA JS, Angular 2, React, Node js and more.
  • Mobile Apps Developing native & hybrid technologies based on each client’s    Android, PhoneGap.
  • RT DevelopmentDeveloping RT & embedded sys. DSP, BSP using C and C++.
  • QA – Testing services and automation.
  • Developing Command & Control Systems (C4I), HLS.



ELIOS – Command & Control System (HLS) is a product developed by

Korentec. It is a client-oriented application that offers a broad range of
services to support forces and operators managing ongoing events.
  • VMD based intruder detection
  • Radar based intruder detection
  • Fence perimeter security
  • Radio communication
  • Video management system