Ayalon Highways

Ayalon Highways – Mobile Application Development

Our ability to provide organizations with end-to-end solutions allows us to reteam with old clients who require a precise response to their dynamic needs. One such client is Ayalon Highways, a company that leads diverse, innovative and large-scale transportation projects.

the Interface

the Challenge

Ayalon Highways reached out to our development team with a request to develop an Android application that can help track and monitor driving habits. The application’s main goal is to collect real-time data and present it in a friendly and intuitive manner. The collected data helps the company track driver behavior (where drivers drive from, where they drive to) and identify the busiest hours in terms of traffic. The data is displayed on a map, which showcases highway traffic in a clear manner. The application is meant to replace the company’s current data collection solution, which is a costly component that requires on-premise installation in driving vehicles.

During the development process, we faced several key challenges:

  • The need to for top-level security
  • The need to identify the drivers’ transition from one point to another, regardless of their driving direction
  • The integration of our development team within the Ayalon Highways organization, and its collaboration with the company’s professional staff

Playing it safe and secure:

As a government entity, Ayalon Highways is required to ensure that its products and services are embedded with the highest available security. The application is located in an AWS environment, and therefore we were able to use Amazon-based tools such as WAF to create an architecture that can respond to stringent security requirements. In addition, thanks to AWS, we were able work with serverless lambda technology, which facilitates scalability and helps meet budget objectives.


As a software company that provides robust solutions, we often choose to integrate our developers into the organizations we work with, as R&D team extensions. Our developers' ability to adapt to our clients' dynamic needs is a major reason for our ability to deliver high level products and services. It also allows us to effectively meet our clients' budget and timetable objectives.

Smart algorithms:

In order to allow the application to provide as much data as possible – driving directions, times, routes and more – we used Python-based algorithms for the app's back-end development and Java for Android.

Meet the Team

This project was led by a highly professional Full Stack and DevOps team, which specializes in Android, front-end and Python development.

The Bottom Line

Today, the mobile application helps Ayalon Highways perform monitoring activities throughout Israel's roads. After analyzing and understanding Ayalon Highway's needs, we were able to dig deep into our professional toolkit and deploy the precise capabilities that guaranteed a high-level, end-to-end solution.