Web Development

Web development- Electronics company

As a seasoned software house that provides diverse services, we pride ourselves on our versatility. We often join existing projects, in various stages, and provide specializes services in accordance with our clients’ needs and technologies. 

An example of such as project was our collaboration with Kramer Electronics, a leading electronics company that specializes in audio and video product planning, development and manufacturing. The company developed the VSM-4x4HFS matrix switcher, and was looking for a software house that could develop the platform’s web interface.

the Interface

the Challenge

Complex screen development: The Kramer matrix includes a single screen display that displays four sources simultaneously. The client requested that the screen split into four, in a variety of formats that would enable different source combinations and locations. The client also requested full control of the display, at all times.

Joining midstream: Our team joined the project after the planning and infrastructure stages had already been completed. As a result, our team had to adapt to existing work methodologies and technologies.

Added value:

This project’s web system required us to develop complex and fully functional screens. We used Angular as our development tool, in order to create the client’s desired web UI. In addition, we were able to pinpoint certain areas that would make future work tasks more efficient, and communicated them to the client.

It comes naturally:

As a software house that is used to working on complex projects, our professional teams can exhibit great flexibility in adapting to client needs – working remotely, joining an existing team, etc. In this project with Kramer Electronics, our collaboration with the company’s personnel helped us gain an in-depth understanding of the system’s architecture and development process. 

The Bottom Line

The product is still in development stages, and is expected to enter sales as soon as it is completed. This project serves as further proof that the wide range of technologies we work with allow us to swiftly integrate into existing projects – or create new solutions from scratch – with maximum efficiency and in accordance with budget requirements.