Motorola – Web Project

Motorola – Web Project

We love returning clients, and as a seasoned software company, we’ve got quite a few. Over the years, we have managed projects for a wide range of clients from diverse industries – many of which choose to collaborate with us time and time again.
One such client is international communication giant Motorola. In this project, we were asked to develop a web system that would support one of Motorola’s internal testing management and documentation tools, which is used in relation to the company’s electronic devices.

the Interface

the Challenge

Replacing the Old with the New: The existing system was developed with Classic ASP, and the client wanted to transfer it to a newer technology that supports multiple browsers (and not just Internet Explorer). In addition, the client felt it was time to replenish the system’s design, functionality and speed. Our major challenge was to familiarize ourselves with Classic ASP – a relatively “old” technology that is not commonly used anymore.

Working with Numerous Entities: In most R&D projects, we engage in standard “back and forth” sessions with the client until the final version is prepared and delivered. This time around, we were required to obtain authorizations from the both company in Israel and a subsidiary in New York.

Multi-Lingual Skills: The system was written in Classic ASP, and in order to understand its processes, we had to understand what it does and how it works – both on back-end and UI levels. We test-tried the system, investigated its code, spoke with the relevant personnel and learned the language while “on the job”.

A Transparent Work Process: In order to make our work more efficient, and to ensure that both Motorola and its subsidiary would receive the best possible product versions, we decided to use Docker technology for the system’s installation on Motorola’s servers. As for the subsidiary, we typed the code directly into their servers, and were therefore able to work and collaborate effectively with both entities.

Throughout the project, we used the following technologies:

Angular 2+, NGRX Store .NET core & Web API C#, JWT Docker, Go Lang, Oracle DB.

Meet the Team

This project was led by a team that consisted of 6 highly dedicated developers and QA experts.

The Bottom Line

Today, the system is used internally by Motorola teams in Israel, New York and Malaysia. Time and time again, our professional versatility allows us to adapt to new environments, learn new technological skills quickly and meet our clients' needs.