Sasa Software – Web Project

Sasa Software – Web Project

In recent years, private and public organizations require ultra-advanced cyber security solutions that can respond to the constant rise in cyber threat volume and sophistication. As a result, cyber security companies face the challenge of updating and improving their solution portfolio.

At Korentec, we collaborate with a wide variety of cyber security companies, helping them maximize their capabilities and offer their clients advanced security solutions.

One such project was conducted in collaboration with Sasa Software, a leading cyber security company that specializes in CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction). Sasa Software developed a system for email traffic monitoring, which helps prevent advanced cyber-attacks. The company provides services to dozens of clients worldwide, from government offices and banks to insurance companies and energy & infrastructure giants.

Within the scope of this project, we were asked to develop the front-end of a system that allows the company to track its clients’ email traffic. We were also asked to upgrade the system’s design and UI.

the Interface

the Challenge

Unifying work tools: The system’s front-end development was conducted by a dedicated and talented Korentec team, who worked in conjuncture with the Sasa Software team in charge of the system’s server-side development. Naturally, we had to understand the server-side team’s needs and requirements, and to seamlessly blend into their work routine.

Building tech capabilities: In essence, this project was an upgrade of an older system into a solution that is more advanced and user-friendly. The system allows the client to control several admins, and each admin is exposed to a different area within the system. In addition, the system had to be upgraded from a desktop application to a solution that could be accessed via browsers.

Seamless communication: During the entire development process, our R&D experts convened with Sasa Software’s team, and maintained a fruitful daily interaction. The fact that our team is accustomed to collaborating with development teams from different organizations, helps us make these collaborations extremely effective.

A familiar environment: Learning about the system was relatively easy, and its development was conducted using React, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. The development was conducted in accordance with responsivity standards, thus ensuring the system’s optimal visibility on all screens.

The Bottom Line

Sasa Software's upgraded system is fully operational, and allows the company's experts to monitor its global clients' email traffic. During this project, we were able to showcase our technological capabilities, as well as our ability to integrate into different R&D environments alongside other teams, while creating an effective work process that delivered the desired results.